Helping to keep our historic buildings fit for purpose and able to transmit their heritage value is at the heart of PBA’s work. We have successfully implemented ‘sustainable’ elements into many of our projects over the years, whether it is in the form of improving thermal performance, fixing drainage, or renewing heating systems. Even if this is not always terribly straight forward when working with historic buildings!

However, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and theories is an essential part of this and PBA has made the most of the last few months to consciously up-skill our staff in this respect. Reducing the environmental impact of our built environment has never been more important and will be indispensable in meeting national and international climate targets.

Several members of our team attended the RIBA Conservation Register Forum in November, which focussed on the balance between conservation and sustainability, and we would like to thank all the speakers for their insightful talks. We look forward to pursuing a holistic approach to reducing this impact and doing our part to help.