The end is in sight for our project at Stationers’ Hall in Central London – the brickwork is nearing completion and the scaffold is starting to come down. Not only that but the weather has cheered up which makes site visits much more pleasant!

Interestingly, the garden courtyard at Stationers’ Hall has some of the oldest paving stones in London. Sadly it was necessary to lift areas of paving to allow below ground drainage improvements. However, although these have been moved around the site several times over the last several centuries, we (and the contractors) have been meticulous about surveying, numbering and reinstating them in the same positions as before.

The installation of the new air-cooling system has also progressed and the custom oak FCU covers are being fitted. The design of these units complements the existing historic panelling and window arrangement but also conceals an array of modern services such as plugs, FCUs, speakers etc. Each of these units has had to be precisely surveyed by the joinery subcontractors and individually tweaked to work with the eccentricities of the existing panelling. Eventually, these covers will be hand stained and polished to better match the adjacent panelling.

Click here to find out more about the Stationers’ Hall project or head to the Stationers’ Hall website for more details on the Vision 350 project.