Peregrine studied at Cambridge University under Sir Leslie Martin. Having worked for many years as a partner in Benson & Bryant, in 1994 he set up Peregrine Bryant Architecture & Building Conservation. Peregrine is an Architect Accredited in Building Conservation, a Crown Estate Approved Architect and on the approved list of the London Diocesan Council. He is also a member of ASCHB, SPAB, the Georgian Group, The Victorian Society, Icomos, The World Monuments Fund, the Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica, the Franco-British Union of Architects, the Surveyors Club, and a Trustee of the St Endellion Festivals Trust. Peregrine has enjoyed a long standing relationship with many of his clients, some for over thirty years. Such continuing relationships are a testament to the practice and to the quality of work at Peregrine Bryant and enable both client and architect to work together successfully to the benefit of the building.